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Not Taken Your Medication Today? Your Doctor May Already Know...

As the world of Digital Health continues to grow and develop, the latest entrant onto the market present a whole new apex. The Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has partnered with Proteus Digital Health, to develop the Abilify MyCite pill to treat schizophrenia, bi-polar and is an add-on treatment for depression.

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There’s a new Chief in town, and this one means Business.

In recent years, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) has appeared increasingly on the boards of biopharma companies around the world. But where have they come from? Who are they? And what do they do?

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Corporate Venturing in Life Sciences

Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Merck... No, this isn’t just a list of some of the biggest Life Sciences companies in the world, it is also a list of companies who have active Corporate Venturing (CV) funds.

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Are device companies tuning into The Pharma Show?

Earlier this year Boston Scientific aired their first television advert across 4 markets in the US. The advert, for the company’s stroke-fighting Watchman device, was an unusual move for a medical device company.

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How the consumerisation of healthcare is building a pharma reliance on digital health services

Patients are taking more interest in their own health, and technology is helping them to do so. Whether it’s through mobile apps, wearables, or online forums, digital health is becoming impossible to ignore. But how will this benefit pharmaceutical companies, and how could digital health speed up the drug development process?

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The ACA: You’re Fired.

Whilst Trump’s critics are making their voices heard at mass protests against the controversial travel ban, the future of the ACA seems to hang quietly in the balance. Trump targeted Obamacare throughout his presidential campaign, and repeatedly stated that a change in the healthcare system, including the full repeal of The Affordable Care Act, would be high on the list of priorities for the Trump administration. Trump’s attitude towards healthcare has continued to be a topic of discussion since he won the election back in November, but what effect will the change in the law have?

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Value Based Healthcare, What's The Solution?

Value based Healthcare. We've all heard the term and we all know it's the 'in thing' in the industry. But what are companies actually doing to achieve value based offerings?

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Closing the Gender Gap - Big Pharma's Big Breakthrough

There's no denying that biotechnology leadership is heavily male dominated, with an analysis by demonstrating that in biotech boardrooms there are 10 men for every woman, and over 50% of all biotechs have exclusively male boards.

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Patient engagement strategies in the digital age

Mobile phones appear to be the catalyst for new developments in digital technology in the coming years and Healthcare is no exception to this exciting trend as companies such as Medtronic and Launchpad have shown us.

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What does the Quintiles / IMS tie up suggest about the future of Healthcare?

2015 was branded the best ever year for M&A with Bloomberg valuing the market at $3.8 trillion.

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