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Venari Partners does Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder certainly lived up to its reputation this weekend just gone. Some of our Venari Partners team tackled the tough 11-mile obstacle course in aid of a very worthy cause, raising some valuable donations for The Alzheimer’s Society.

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There’s a new Chief in town, and this one means Business.

In recent years, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) has appeared increasingly on the boards of biopharma companies around the world. But where have they come from? Who are they? And what do they do?

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Travel Industry Consolidation and Restructure: What does this mean for senior professionals?

Integrations have their challenges; from systems, strategies, branding, operational changes, travel companies will always face these after an acquisition.

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Corporate Venturing in Life Sciences

Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Merck... No, this isn’t just a list of some of the biggest Life Sciences companies in the world, it is also a list of companies who have active Corporate Venturing (CV) funds.

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A client visit to remember

We are very pleased to be partnering Ravn Alaska to assist them with the commercial turn around project, the result of an exciting private equity buy-out.

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Is Amazon becoming too much of a dominant force? Walmart and Google seem to think so...

It was announced yesterday that Walmart and Google will team up to produce an alternative eCommerce provider; they will collaborate to offer Walmart's products via Google's online retailing service, Google Express.

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Are device companies tuning into The Pharma Show?

Earlier this year Boston Scientific aired their first television advert across 4 markets in the US. The advert, for the company’s stroke-fighting Watchman device, was an unusual move for a medical device company.

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How to attract top talent to your business outside London

Most industry professionals consider London as a city with seemingly much more potential for new businesses, but also to join large corporates. But is London the only region that professionals should consider?

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Starting your career after school

After three to four years at university, living the best years of your life, reality quickly hits that you now need to find a job. But how do you do this?

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How the consumerisation of healthcare is building a pharma reliance on digital health services

Patients are taking more interest in their own health, and technology is helping them to do so. Whether it’s through mobile apps, wearables, or online forums, digital health is becoming impossible to ignore. But how will this benefit pharmaceutical companies, and how could digital health speed up the drug development process?

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Venari Partners Charity Secret Santa 2017

Thank you to everyone who offered their amazing charitable suggestions. We have been overwhelmed with the number of responses and we have therefore decided to donate to two charities.

Google No Longer The Dark Horse

Google is no longer the dark horse but one of the key players fighting for consumers attention against Priceline and Expedia. It came as no surprise that once Google had started its quest into travel it would be an unstoppable force. With Google already having the e-commerce and marketing platforms built in the search engine, it will be really exciting to see how Google will gain more popularity and develop its travel products.