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Are device companies tuning into The Pharma Show?

Earlier this year Boston Scientific aired their first television advert across 4 markets in the US. The advert, for the company’s stroke-fighting Watchman device, was an unusual move for a medical device company.

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How to attract top talent to your business outside London

Most industry professionals consider London as a city with seemingly much more potential for new businesses, but also to join large corporates. But is London the only region that professionals should consider?

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Starting your career after school

After three to four years at university, living the best years of your life, reality quickly hits that you now need to find a job. But how do you do this?

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How the consumerisation of healthcare is building a pharma reliance on digital health services

Patients are taking more interest in their own health, and technology is helping them to do so. Whether it’s through mobile apps, wearables, or online forums, digital health is becoming impossible to ignore. But how will this benefit pharmaceutical companies, and how could digital health speed up the drug development process?

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Recruiter Awards 2017 Shortlist Party

Good to catch up with some of our industry peers and fellow shortlistees last week at the Recruiter Awards 2017 Shortlist Party. Thanks to the Recruiter Awards for a fun evening, and to RBS for hosting

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Venari Partners - David Haye V Tony Bellew

We enjoyed a fantastic evening at the O2 arena for the heavyweight boxing clash between David Haye and Tony Bellew. First time at the boxing for Venari Partners - we don't expect it to be the last time either, great atmosphere and occasion!

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Venari Partners were proud to sponsor the annual Airlines UK Dinner

Venari Partners were proud to sponsor an event which brought together the best of the UK airlines industry professionals. We would like to thank Lady Chairwoman, Jane Middleton on organising and hosting such a successful event.

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The ACA: You’re Fired.

Whilst Trump’s critics are making their voices heard at mass protests against the controversial travel ban, the future of the ACA seems to hang quietly in the balance. Trump targeted Obamacare throughout his presidential campaign, and repeatedly stated that a change in the healthcare system, including the full repeal of The Affordable Care Act, would be high on the list of priorities for the Trump administration. Trump’s attitude towards healthcare has continued to be a topic of discussion since he won the election back in November, but what effect will the change in the law have?

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IATA PASSENGER & FREIGHT DEMAND UPDATE - Another Strong Year for Airline Profits in 2017

Geneva - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it expects the global airline industry to make a net profit in 2017 of $29.8 billion. On forecast total revenues of $736 billion, that represents a 4.1% net profit margin. This will be the third consecutive year (and the third year in the industry’s history) in which airlines will make a return on invested capital (7.9%) which is above the weighted average cost of capital (6.9%).

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Venari Partners Charity Secret Santa 2016

Thank you to everyone who offered their amazing charitable suggestions. We have been overwhelmed with the number of responses and have therefore decided to increase our charitable donation to be able to support three very worthy causes.

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