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A classic question we face- When do airlines typically hire their commercial staff?

A classic question we face- When do airlines typically hire their commercial staff?

I am often asked if there are months of the year when airlines are more likely to hire commercial staff. This is not a particularly straight forward question to answer as it really depends on who is asking and which markets (locations) they are referring to. However there are some trends and points to consider. Whilst not an exhaustive list the below is what I have noted and often forms part of my reply to this question –

•The summer months and the months leading up to the Christmas festivities are always quiet relative to the rest of the year. We might continue working many projects in these periods but it is rare to pick up as many new projects as we would typically expect.

•Late Sept into Oct and Jan are the months we see the greatest number of new projects signed off.

•Senior appointments tend not to follow the trends above as much as middle management positions. Put simply if a CCO resigns the process of replacing the role begins very quickly.

•Certain functional skill sets are always highly sort. For example high calibre Operational Research applicants are so rare companies will hire the talent whenever they find it in the market.

•National and religious holidays affect hiring. For example the Eid and Ramadan periods effect the recruitment activity in the Middle East.

•In Europe notice periods are often 3 months thus recruitment processes can often take longer in contrast to the US.

•Some European countries run skeleton offices through July and Aug.

•Each country will have very specific rulings around sponsoring foreign nationals. This can affect the hiring of overseas talent. Visa quotas often run to calendar years.

I hope this limited blog helps to offer some insight.




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