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Venari Partners Charity Secret Santa 2017

Thank you to everyone who offered their amazing charitable suggestions. We have been overwhelmed with the number of responses and we have therefore decided to donate to two charities.

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Google No Longer The Dark Horse

Google is no longer the dark horse but one of the key players fighting for consumers attention against Priceline and Expedia. It came as no surprise that once Google had started its quest into travel it would be an unstoppable force. With Google already having the e-commerce and marketing platforms built in the search engine, it will be really exciting to see how Google will gain more popularity and develop its travel products.

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Travel Retail is flying

While I am sat here eating ‘Hersheys Travel Retail Exclusive White Kisses’ (which are incredibly tasty, thanks goes to Jenny in our office!) I thought it seemed appropriate to write about travel retail. On a consumer level most people will have walked through duty free shops in airports (they’re hard to avoid!), may have purchased inflight perfumes and cosmetics and sought out other purchases while travelling.

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Not Taken Your Medication Today? Your Doctor May Already Know...

As the world of Digital Health continues to grow and develop, the latest entrant onto the market present a whole new apex. The Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has partnered with Proteus Digital Health, to develop the Abilify MyCite pill to treat schizophrenia, bi-polar and is an add-on treatment for depression.

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How Consultants make the move into Industry

There generally comes a time when a management consultant makes the decision to either work their way up the consulting ladder or take their experience and move into industry. The latter, while exciting, can be a big change.

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England V Argentina - Another great day at Twickenham

With the Autumn Internationals at Twickenham rolling around once again, it was a great day had by all at the England v Argentina game on Saturday. We kicked things off with a fabulous meal at the St Margarets Tavern before a leisurely stroll to the stadium. We settled into our seats and strapped in for what was a thrilling 80 minutes of rugby, with England rolling out as eventual winners. Thank you to Abhijit Agate, Nick Fridberg and Richard Jewsbury

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Strategy Consulting: Should I stay or should I go?

So, you’re in consulting, having been there a few years and thinking…. Should I carry on through the ranks to Partner… or step outside consulting. Nearly all consultants ask themselves this questions at some point in their career and I’m here to take a look at why you may want to make a move out of consulting or not.

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The Cryptocurrency boom

Over the past year, in particular, I’m sure you will have seen a lot of discussion around the infamous rise and boom of ‘cryptocurrency’. It is a concept that rose to prominence in 2009 when tech enthusiasts wanted to create a way for a virtual currency to be exchanged between private individuals/groups via digital means. Essentially it is a freer method of payment, without restriction and regulation. You will have seen the word ‘Bitcoin’ banded around when talking about the emergence of the cryptocurrency

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Strategy Consulting: What are the options?

From the top tier firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc., down to the specific boutique firms, strategy consulting is one of the most highly regarded and sought of jobs in the world. However, instead of a life-long career, consulting is seen more as a launchpad into some of the top roles available in the strategy and commercial space.

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Venari Partners does Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder certainly lived up to its reputation this weekend just gone. Some of our Venari Partners team tackled the tough 11-mile obstacle course in aid of a very worthy cause, raising some valuable donations for The Alzheimer’s Society.

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