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Venari Partners - Corporate Ventures

We love to partner with ambitious, determined and innovative entrepreneurs who are inventing or attempting to change markets with unique value propositions. We invest seed capital with a long term strategy.

As a result of being a market leading Strategy and Commercial executive search firm, we have a deep network of highly talented professionals to work with, and often partner, on investments. Our network includes some of the brightest talent from the most reputable universities, MBA schools and strategic consulting houses, like McKinsey & Co and Bain & Co.

We aim to build a strong investor base that not only acts as a source of seed capital, but also allows those we partner to access the intellectual property of our network.  

Depending on a variety of influential factors and considerations such as team, sector, geography and the entrepreneur’s experience, we will consider an investment range of £10,000 to £100,000. We will also consider partnerships with other VC's or Angels, especially if they can bring domain experience or connections to the deal.

We like to help out in any way possible; this is where our networks kick in. We will know influential professionals in almost all sectors. We often help build a team of appropriate investors to help the investment accelerate its growth and to reach its potential.

We do not consider ourselves as passive investors, we prefer to roll up our sleeves and take influential positions on the boards of our investments. But this does not mean we aim to run the company. This is not why we invest!

We have a huge network of expertise to tap in to, but you are the founder and it is you who should possess the subject matter expertise. We are here to support you and to guide you by offering advice and seed capital. We will even help with recruitment, we know a thing or two about that!

Venari Partners Corporate Ventures are delighted to announce their investment in Sup app, ( one of London's hottest social apps.

Deals come to us from a variety of sources, but typically through our network. If you wish to connect with us you can reach us at [email protected].